Practical assistance for vaping cessation. Statistics - Quit Vaping prompts you to enter your vaping habits and quit date. The application will then display: days vape free, money saved, e-Juice avoided, nicotine avoided, and pods / pod refills / mod tank refills you have avoided using in total. Forum and Chat - Topic based discussion and live chat of vaping cessation. Badges Mark Milestones - Unlock badges for time vape free, money saved, nicotine avoided, and community engagement. <b>Health</b> - Track some health benefits you are likely to experience being vape free. Exclusive discounts on NRT products - Recommendations and discounts on vaping alternative and nicotine replacement therapy products News - Research and news articles regarding vaping. Progress Sharing - Easily share a screenshot of your vape free stats to Twitter or Facebook. Quit Vaping Pro | $1.99 / Month - 8 Features that utilize proven methods and techniques to help ease cravings and soothe nicotine withdrawal: - Quit Announcement Posts - Craving Resistance Progress - Guided Breathing Exercises and Techniques - Nicotine Withdrawal Tips - Quit Vaping Journal - Savings Goals - Custom Push Notifications - Additional Badges and Emblem d2d75764ca