Both my brother and I are former vapers. We did not start vaping in order to wean ourselves off cigarettes, but we eventually realized we were consuming daily the same amount of nicotine (or more) than a pack of cigarettes contains. Our vaping habit was expensive, and we started to question the impact that vaping was having on our health.

Following these thoughts, we did some research, and, to cut a long story short, we discovered that vaping is likely bad for you. Considering that both e-juice and cigarettes contain nicotine, a chemical that is highly addictive - this should be a no brainer. The practice takes partial control of your life, demanding your time and money every day. Many people reach for their vape immediately upon waking and don't put it down until they go to bed. The relative cleanliness of technology enables users to consume far more frequently than they otherwise could with cigarettes. Furthermore, inhaling copious amounts of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavorings, and other assorted chemicals will be added to the nicotine, also have a negative impact on your health. Given that, we were not in any mood to wait for ten-year-long case studies to come out just to tell us something that we already knew. We had to quit. The cold turkey route was difficult, and at one point, we became curious about apps supporting the quitting process.

A search for an app to help us quit vaping yielded only apps for quitting smoking. We didn’t feel satisfied using apps that were meant to help smokers quit. Vapers should have their own app for quitting, with information and support relevant to them. This is why we decided to create this app.

Careful consideration dictated which features would be most helpful in quitting, and we incorporated them into our app. We hope this application will provide the information, sense of community, and incentive needed for those who want to quit vaping. With this app in your hands, we hope you have an easier time quitting!